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Welcome to the future of construction with Cornerstone Mass Timber.

Around the world, architects, builders and clients are discovering the strength and design flexibility of mass timber construction.

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Traditional Roots, New Innovations

For over 30 years, Cornerstone Timberframes, located in Kleefeld, Manitoba, Canada, has been a leader in heavy timber construction. We provide solutions for customers throughout central and western Canada as well as across the northern United States.

Cornerstone Timberframes was founded as a traditional wood joinery company in 1990. We have worked diligently to broaden our scope of work to master new tools, methods and the latest materials. We see the growing adoption of cross-laminated timber as the future of a sustainable construction industry.

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An Innovative Collaboration

Nordic Structures produced the first Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panel in North America in 2011. Since then, they have been the largest producer of CLT’s on the continent and the only manufacturer to have control over every aspect of its supply stream. From planting and managing forest lands, to sawmills, kiln operations and metal fabrication; they oversee all aspects of production.

Nordic Structures is an innovator, seeking to lead in efficiency, product quality and environmental stewardship.

In 2019, Cornerstone Timberframes entered a collaboration with Nordic Structures to provide fabrication, technical sales and design support to mass timber clients in the Prairies and Northern Plains.

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It All Starts With a Conversation

Cornerstone Mass Timber will help you navigate the opportunities of mass timbers for your next project. Our design team is conversant in the products and design options available through Nordic Structures.